Projects in the making: – new html and css code

The current versions of my linkguide is having problems with the navigation on mobile devices. It simply takes up to much space. So to correct that, I plan to make use of Bootstraps 5 features for getting a navigation that works well (or at least better) on tablets and mobile devices. While I’m at it, I’m also planning to update the Masonry Grid using the Masonry feature in Bootstrap 5. Let’s see how it goes.

Latest projects: – WordPress website

Updating my personal website – to the latest version of WordPress and create a CV shop based on the functionalities in WooCommerce were interested employers can read more about my working skills.
To try out different kinds of web/digital analytics tools, I will start out by using Google Analytic – installation through Google Tag Manager. Down the line I might try out other analytics solutions like Piwick Pro, Matomo and Open Web Analytics. But HEY, one step at the time.

WordPress Theme: Understrap – Combining the WordPress Underscore Starter Theme and the CSS framework Bootstrap 5. A special thanks to Rob Howard at Understrap for providing the course in how to customize the Understrap theme.


Status: Online, but still a long way to go

When I’ve finished an okay customization of the Understrap theme, I’ll provide a link to the project on my GitHub profile.